Is statistics meeting the needs of science?


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  1. Frank van der MeulenAugust 26th, 2020 at 10:16 am

    A nice contribution. Attached a few comments and thoughts on the implications on teaching statistics.

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Publication of scientific research all but requires a supporting statistical analysis, anointing statisticians the de facto gatekeepers of modern scientific discovery. While the potential of statistics for providing scientific insights is undeniable, there is a crisis in the scientific community due to poor statistical practice. Unfortunately, widespread calls to action have not been effective, in part because of statisticians’ tendency to make statistics appear simple. We argue that statistics can meet the needs of science only by empowering scientists to make sound judgments that account for both the nuances of the application and the inherent complexity of funda- mental effective statistical practice. In particular, we emphasize a set of statistical principles that scientists can adapt to their ever-expanding scope of problems.


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Harry Crane and Ryan Martin (2018). Is statistics meeting the needs of science?. Researchers.One,

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