What does theoretical Physics tell us about Mexico's December Error crisis

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A perfect economic storm emerged in M\'exico in what was called (mistakenly under our analysis) The December Error (1994) in which Mexico's economy collapsed. In this paper, we show how Theoretical Psychics may help us to understand the under processes for this kind of economic crisis and eventually perhaps to develop an early warning. We specifically analyze monthly historical time series for inflation from January 1969 to November 2018. We found that Fisher information is insensible to inflation growth in the 80's decade but capture quite good The December Error (TDE). Our results show that under Salinas administration Mexican economy was characterized by unstable stability must probably due to hidden risk policies in the form of macro-economy controls that artificially suppress aleatority out of the system making it fragile. And so, we conclude that it was not at all a December error but a sexenal sustained error of fragilization.


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Oliver López-Corona and Giovanni Hernández (2019). What does theoretical Physics tell us about Mexico's December Error crisis. Researchers.One, https://researchers.one/articles/what-does-theoretical-physics-tell-us-about-mexico-s-december-error-crisis/5f52699c36a3e45f17ae7db0/v1.

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