Howard Slater

Howard Slater


Observed SM particle masses are explained fully as the products of a harmonic sequence generated by a thermal oscillator within a quantum field. For leptons and quarks the correlation is excellent, but less so for bosons. The interpretation of the SM particle masses by this hypothesis demands a reevaluation of quantum mechanics to incorporate missing thermal factor(s).

Dark matter is the same as normal matter only excepting that dark matter quantum fields do not exhibit thermal oscillations which define time. Normal matter does exhibit stable thermal oscillations. There is no reason to postulate that dark matter is anything more mysterious than normal matter without heat oscillations. It requires no “new physics” either as laws or components.

The interaction between heat flow and space quantum fields describes gravity. The mechanism provides a credible bridge to reconcile general relativity with quantum mechanics. By itself oscillating heat flow defines universe time. Assembling the two concepts describes a qualitative model of a continuous, perpetually cycling universe.

This communication outlines the potential for a novel, alternative model to rationalise the quantitative difficulties with the Hubble constant. This model, the Proto-Quantum Field (PQF) model, is an alternative to the singularity-big-bang (SBB) model and the two are mutually incompatible. A justification is that the theoretical developments required to validate the PQF hypothesis is closely derived from the standard model for particles and forces, more so than those required to modify the SBB hypothesis.

The universe is formed from proto-quantum field(s) (PQFs). The initiating event is the formation of a thermal gradient which establishes synchronous oscillations which describes time. Time is not quantised. Concomitantly PQFs, either directly or indirectly, differentiate into the all the quantum fields required for the standard model of particles and forces, and three dimensional space. The transition of PQFs to functional quantum fields is a continuous process at the boundary of a spherical universe, a “ring of fire”, necessary to maintain time. 

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