Paul Skallas

Paul Skallas


The Art of The Election: A Social Media History of the 2016 Presidential Race


The book is 700 pages comprising of Donald Trump’s tweets from June 2015 to November 2016 and footnotes which comprise 70-80% of the tweets which explain the context of each tweet. The book has a 100 page bibliography.

It is highly likely that Trump would not have been elected President were it not for social media. This is an unprecedented statement. This is the first time a presidential candidate utilized a social network to get his message out directly to voters, but moreover, to shape the media feedback loop. His tweets became news. This is primary source material on the 2016 election. No need for narratives, outside ”experts” or political ”science”.

The file is too large to post on this website. But you can download the book under this link:

Keywords and phrases: 2016, book, Trump, election, social media.

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